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I've been very satisfied with my devices. It was difficult to get used to them at first but as time goes on it gets easier. My hearing improvement has been a great asset to my everyday life. You have been very helpful when I've had a problem.

Dennis Andres
Ridott, IL

I am very pleased with my hearing aids. I now can turn down the TV and radio. I hear the birds singing in the morning when I wake up. Also I can visit with people much better than before I had hearing aids. They are always ready to help when I come in for cleaning, etc. I am very thankful for their help.

Phyllis Ascher
Forreston, IL

I wear my Phonak hearing aids all the time. They are put on in the morning and the last thing to come off before I go to bed. I can hear the TV clearer now and my wife appreciates the fact that I do not have to have the TV blaring so loud. I also do not have to ask people to repeat what they have said. Your office keeps my hearing aids cleaned and adjusted properly plus an ample supply of batteries.

Richard Attig
Polo, IL

I do think you are a very good hearing specialist on hearing. I am very pleased with my services. I have showed others my hearing aids. Most people didn't know I had hearing aids. I do tell them where I got them. I want to thank Advanced Hearing Healthcare for my services.

Melvin Badtke
Mount Carroll, IL

I have found the Advanced Hearing Healthcare to be very accommodating, helpful, and very pleasant. I highly value their service and have told everyone where I got my hearing aids. My husband enjoys the TV at a much lower volume, and I especially like not having to ask people 2 or 3 times to repeat what they say. I can't believe the difference when I take them out at night. I can hear my cell phone ring, and the clock chime, and the doorbell, so many sounds I hadn't heard for a while. The Mayo Clinic advised me to get a good audiologist and I found one here. Many thanks.

Rosalie Behrens
Milledgeville, IL

found everyone at the Advanced Hearing Healthcare office to be really kind and helpful. The doctors went out of their way to fit me with better hearing aids, which they did. I am enjoying being able to hear everything so much better.

Belva Brandt
Shannon, IL

I have truly appreciated Dr. Sherry's patience with me as I tried new hearing devices. She allowed me ample time to try several aids and choose the best for me. Everyone at Advanced Hearing Healthcare is helpful and considerate of one's needs. I appreciate them all.

Ruth Drake
Forreston, IL

I knew I needed hearing aids, but the hearing test with my wife listening to my responses kept me from denying the severity of my hearing loss any longer. I was even more impressed by Dr. Weldele's knowledge of hearing, soft-spoken understanding and caring, commitment to my hearing right and well, and his professionalism and integrity. He'll be my hearing doctor as long as he is in Freeport!

Rev. Dr. Donnley Dutcher
Freeport, IL

Your office has been very helpful. All personnel have been very kind and supportive. My Siemens Motion Aids are great. I was hesitant to get aids but how grateful I am that I did. To hear conversations, TV, music is a blessing I never knew I was missing. I have my life back!

William Gee
Apple River, IL

After using your services, I hear better than I have heard all my life. Thank you!

Joseph Graham
Freeport, IL

I have had hearing loss for years in both ears. It got so I couldn't understand the sermon at church or I misunderstood what people were saying. I didn't enjoy TV because I didn't hear it right or clear. I wear my hearing aid about 15 hours a day since I got it. I can now hear birds singing. They are beautiful to hear. I have been more than satisfied with services and my doctor and staff at Advanced Hearing Healthcare. Keep up the good work!! God bless you all!

Linda Imel
Stockton, IL

I have appreciated:
a. The hearing aids
b. The staff's appropriate application of technology available to help me get the most out of my hearing aids
c. The professional attitude of and treatment by the staff
d. Most of all, the attitude that their service (friendly, prompt, efficient, and adequate) did not end when the sale was done.

Arthur C. Jacobs
Freeport, IL

I am very pleased with my new hearing aids. I find that most of the time I can hear my daughter and my husband much better than before. I have been treated very well when I go to see Dr. Sherry. She takes her time with me and answers my questions.

Veneta Krogull
Freeport, IL

I am very happy with my hearing aids. They are comfortable and easy to adjust. Advanced Hearing has many different aid options to suit your needs. The doctors and staff are knowledgeable and friendly. Whenever I call I can get same day service. I would recommend Advanced Hearing Healthcare to anyone with a hearing loss.

Jerry Lang Freeport, IL

I have been well pleased with the service on my hearing aids. I very seldom have to ask my wife to repeat anything anymore. I put them in when I get up and take them out when I go to bed. As a dairy farmer I wear them in a variety of conditions.

David Macomber
Lena, IL

I have always been treated very well at your office. The staff is very professional and helpful. I was recently fitted for new hearing aids, which have greatly improved my hearing. They are very comfortable to wear and I sometimes forget to take them off at bedtime. My thanks to everyone at the office for helping to improve my life.

Carol Martz
Shannon, IL

My husband and I are very pleased with the care we have received from the audiologists at Advanced Hearing Healthcare. They have helped us tremendously with our hearing in a very professional and caring manner.We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. It's so nice to hear our friends and to enjoy the sounds of life.

Mary & Jerry Taylor

I feel very fortunate that I chose Advanced Hearing Healthcare for my hearing aids. If I have a problem they are very understanding and take care of it as soon as possible. They explain how to use the different features on the hearing aids so you have confidence in using them. I'm very thankful for their kind and caring help. I now enjoy good hearing.

Marian Miller
Freeport, IL

I first met Dr. Weldele at the Farm Bureau. I knew I had a hearing problem and I discovered it was much more than I thought. Advanced Hearing assisted me in getting hearing aids, which have helped me in my work and in my life. Advanced Hearing has been helpful with any problems I have had in adjusting to my hearing aids. I would highly recommend their services. I have received wonderful care and I am very pleased to recommend their service to anyone. Thank you very much for the difference you have made in my life.

Dette Montgomery
Pecatonica, IL

Advanced Hearing has been extremely accommodating with regards to scheduled visits. The staff has been available at the times most convenient to me. In fact, a friend referred me to them and it was due to his description of how the staff worked with him that prompted me to make the initial visit for consultation. Subsequently, the examination and the thoroughness of the follow-up visit convinced me to purchase a hearing aid from them. I give them my highest recommendation in so much as the hearing aid prescribed has helped me professionally and personally. My hearing range has increased dramatically and I no longer have to read lips or guess at what someone might have said.

Victor Morales
Lake Zurich, IL

My experience with Dr. Sherry Weldele has been a very pleasant one. She works with you, time and time again, to get your hearing to satisfy you. Everyone there is so pleasant and accommodating.

Betty Thoren
Freeport, IL

I am happy with my hearing aid. It has helped me participate in more conversations more effectively because I'm not missing anything. Also, my wife and I can now enjoy TV and radio together at the same volume setting.

Greg Welker
Chadwick, IL

A couple days ago, I heard everything that was said at a meeting for the first time in a couple of years. I owe this to the excellent care of Dr. Sherry and Dr. Frank. Their patience and kindness in helping, not just me, but others, is greatly appreciated. From the moment I enter their facility, I'm treated with respect by both the receptionists and audiologists, which means a lot.

Arleen Olson
Freeport, IL

I am on my second set of hearing aids and I have always been satisfied with the professional care and service that I have received at Advanced Hearing Healthcare.

Larry Parkinson
Davis, IL

My experience at Advanced Hearing Healthcare has been very helpful and pleasant. They are always ready to help or correct a problem. I am hearing things I hadn't heard for a long time, like the buzz of a bumblebee, water splashing in the wheel well. It is awesome how good I can hear.

Gene Pannkuk
Forreston, IL

I am more than happy with my new hearing aids and am now able to hear sounds much clearer than before. I do not need to ask friends to repeat themselves as I did before and I do not run my TV at so high a volume.

Myrtle Parkinson
Pearl City, IL

I have always been treated very well by everyone in the office and by Dr. Weldele. I was without a hearing aid and didn't realize how difficult it was without one. I am very pleased with my hearing aids.

Betty Perez
Winnebago, IL

I'm very satisfied with my new hearing aid and Dr. Weldele's care. He made certain to provide the type of aid most comfortable for me, and programmed it to meet all my hearing needs. I feel I receive highly personalized, professional care at Advanced Hearing Healthcare.

Alice Purnell
Pecatonica, IL

I have purchased 2 hearing aids in the last five years and am satisfied with them. The Doctors and office staff treated me fairly and answered all my questions. I had reached a point where I couldn't hear the conversations going on, which I now can.

Forrest Schave
Chadwick, IL

Sure am glad that I saw your ad in the paper. I had forgotten that there are so many sounds that I was not hearing. Also, I wasn't able to hear my great grandchildren when they spoke to me. Thanks to your whole staff for being so helpful. It is wonderful to hear all the sounds around me.

LeRoy Schroeder
Freeport, IL

The service was excellent! right from the start and you are still providing excellent follow-up service. I really like the way you adjusted my hearing aids. I can now hear everything on TV and when I have a conversation, I don't have to keep saying, What did you say?. Thank you so much.

Roger Smith
Stillman Valley, IL

I was having difficulty understanding phone conversations, but it was my inability to hear or understand my grandchildren's higher pitched voices that prompted a visit with Dr. Frank Weldele. From day one of trying a pair of programmable hearing aids I was sold! Not only could I talk to grandkids, I could hear birds singing. Volume controls have been turned way down. Daily life is so much better in little ways too numerous to mention.

Maryann Stubbe
Dakota, IL

I'm on my second set of hearing aids because my hearing has been getting progressively worse. Without the aids I am now basically deaf. With the aids I am able to communicate reasonably well. Whenever I have had questions or problems, the doctors and staff are very willing to help in whatever way they are able. I highly recommend each one.

Elwood Wunsch
Freeport, IL